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For 2013-2104


Life Track LIVE

26 Oct 2013 Sexuality
Sean Doherty (Live)
30 Nov 2013 How to Live the Bible Everyday
Mark Powley SBTC Tutor (LIVE)
01 Feb 2014 Psalms
Rt Revd Steven Croft Bishop of Sheffield Tutor (LIVE)
01 March 2014 Missional Life
Crookes Team (LIVE)
24 May 2014 CANCELLED
28 June 2014 Why the Hell do Bad things happen?
Jon Swales SBTC Tutor (LIVE)

Encountering the New Testament will be taught on two Saturdays in 2014 in partnership with St Barnabas Theological Centre.

1st February (Saturday 09.30 – 16.00)
1st March (Saturday 09.30 – 16.00)

For more information and booking please click here

Sean Doherty

Sean Doherty is tutor in Ethics at St Mellitus College and did his doctorate on methodology in economic ethics at Oxford University. He is Associate Minister at St Francis, Dalgarno Way, a church plant in an inner-city housing estate in London. He has taught medical ethics at Oxford and is a member of the Grove ethics group.

Mark Powley

Mark Powley is the Director of St Barnabas Theological Centre and the Associate Rector of St George’s Leeds, where he coordinates training. He has studied Theology at Nottingham University and Oxford University. Mark is the author of ‘4Life: Gods Values for Living’, ‘The Big Story’ Bible reading guide and ‘Consumer Detox’.

Steven Croft

Steven Croft is the Bishop of Sheffield. He worked alongside Archbishop Rowan Williams as Archbishops’ Missioner and for four years oversaw the emergence of Fresh Expressions. He trained for ordination and earnt a PhD with his thesis at Cranmer Hall, Durham.

Jon Swales

Jon Swales is Tutor at St Barnabas in Biblical Theology and a curate at St George’s Church Leeds where he takes responsibility for mission and outreach. Jon has studied Theology at the University of Leeds, and Biblical Studies at both Sheffield University and Trinity College, Bristol. Jon recently completed his dissertation on the use of the Old Testament in the Gospel of Mark.